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AGM GSM Cellular Remote Alarm Module

AGM GSM Cellular Remote Alarm Module

AGM GSM Cellular Remote Alarm Module RM200GSXMUSB
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Price: $249.99

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New 3G version 2.56 now available

Risco's Advanced GSM/GPRS Module is a revolutionary stand-alone cellular alarm system!

No need for a landline!

This device is truly revolutionary. A cellular alarm module for under three hundred dollars! The AGM has four dry contact inputs and four outputs. It utilizes SIM cards from GSM providers, so you do not need a land line!The free programming software even lets you configure text messages for alarm notification as well as voice calls (with optional voice module). Requires XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - Professional Version or Greater - NOT Home Versions.

The AGM can be used simply to generate a dial tone via cellular. Just remove the SIM card from a GSM cell phone and put it in the AGM. Then just attach your house phones, autodialer, or other equipment* that needs a dial tone!

NOTE REGARDING SECURITY SYSTEM ALARM PANELS: *Cannot do analog modem communication such as fax and computer over cellular, but this unit DOES support contact ID (DTMF communications) for central station monitoring of alarm panels. Check with your monitoring station to see if they support monitoring over DTMF.

The AGM can also be used as a stand-alone GSM cellular alarm system. Hook security or environmental sensors (any dry contact sensor) right to it, and it will text you when they are tripped. Add the voice module, and it will call you with a custom-recorded voice message! The AGM is the PERFECT solution for monitoring remote sites.

The AGM is also a great replacement for sunsetted analog units such as the Motorola bag phone.
  • Four dry contact (NO/NC) inputs
  • Four outputs (1 dry contact, 3 powered @ 14.4VDC, 100mA)
  • Built-in power failure monitoring with adjustable delay
  • Free programming software (see below)
  • Provides dial tone to other devices, either primary or as backup to PSTN
  • Auxiliary power terminals can power other devices (14.4DC, 1.5A)
  • Event driven SMS (text) messages
  • Event driven voice messages (with optional voice module)
  • Event driven GPRS email messages
  • SMS (text msg) remote control with acknowledgment of command execution
  • DTMF remote control support
  • GMS Signal supervision and level measurement
  • Remote Upload/Download configuration via GSM Data channel (for communication with central monitoring station or AGM software)
  • Phone calls can be made using an attached telephone (simulated telephone live via GSM)
  • Optional battery backup (p/n 12VDCBATTERY)
  • Optional voice module (p/n RP200GSV000B)
  • Optional computer cable (p/n RP128EUSB00A)

  • The AGM can be programmed in two ways:

    • Via any GSM cellular phone (using SMS commands, aka text messages).
    • Via the free AGM Configuration Software - Requires XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - Professional Version or Greater - NOT Home Versions.

      When using the free AGM Configuration Software, you can connect in three ways:
    • Locally via the RP128EUSB00A Computer Cable
    • Remotely via SMS** (send each parameter from a cell phone as an SMS command, aka text message)
      **Remote Programming via the SMS method does not allow for changing input labels (default labels such as "Intruder Alarm" will be sent as alarm messages).


    • Provide a dial tone to just about ANYTHING! (Standard phones, alarm panels*, etc.)
      *Cellular dial tones cannot emulate modem-speak, which may be required by a monitoring station.
    • Use with an alarm system* as primary communication or as a backup dial tone in the event that landline signal is lost. Can also generate an outgoing alarm message letting you know that the landline (PSTN) signal has been lost!
    • Control devices remotely: Outputs can be activated by an alarm condition or via text message!
      The AGM can provide auxiliary power (14.4 VDC) to the outputs in order to power attached devices (sirens, strobes, etc).
    • Add security or environmental sensors (anything NO or NC) to create a stand-alone, complete monitoring system with no need for a landline! (See "Wired Sensors & Accessories" category)
    NOTE REGARDING SECURITY SYSTEM ALARM PANELS: *"Modem speak" cannot be emulated over cellular, but this unit DOES support DTMF communications for central station monitoring of alarm panels. Check with your monitoring station to see if they support monitoring over DTMF.
    **SIM Card Information:

    •Supports UNLOCKED* SIM cards. AT&T and T-Mobile work well with the AGM. SIM cards can usually be purchased independent of a phone (by calling the main 800 number of the cellular provider).
    *AT&T has started locking some of their GoPhone cards...make sure to obtain an UNLOCKED SIM card if you are using AT&T.Nextel, TracFone,andBoost MobileSIM cards WILL NOT work with the AGM.
    Other providers may or may not work, contact them directly to ask about compatibility.

No information available at this time. Feel free to contact us for further information.