Wireless WaterAlarm (WA-1000)

Wireless WaterAlarm (WA-1000)(Clearance)

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Regular Price: $349.00
On Sale For: $99.95
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Now you can easily and affordably monitor an entire home or building using one main base station and multiple wireless water detection sensors. Each base station can accommodate up to 10 total wireless "smart" water detection sensors. Each sensor has its own ID, so when the alarm calls you, you’ll know exactly where the water problem is occurring. Adding sensors is "plug and play" simple, with no dip switches to change. "Smart" sensors allow for multiple systems to be in close proximity to each other, preventing false alarms from a neighbor’s system.

This Product is discontinued and non-returnable except under warranty!


  • Calls you when water is detected by any sensor, if power is out or on low battery in any sensor or base station.
  • Remotely check the status of all sensors, including water presence, power and battery status.
  • Continues to call until the alarm condition is acknowledged.
  • Identifies which sensor is detecting the water problem.
  • "Smart" sensors can be added for a total of up to ten total wireless sensors.
  • Custom record alarm and greeting messages.
  • No monitoring fees or installation charges.
  • 150 ft. range line-of-sight (actual transmission distance will vary)


  • Number of Sensors: 1 wireless sensor comes with the base package. Add up to 9 more for a total of 10 wireless sensors per base station.
  • Number of Phone Numbers: Unit calls up to three phone numbers. Each number can have up to 60 digits.
  • Back-Up Power: Base station uses 9V battery for back-up power. Sensors are powered by 2 AA batteries (batteries not included). The base station monitors all battery statuses and alerts if batteries require replacing.
  • Power Out Timer: User selects the amount of time power must be out before alerting with a power alarm. Select from 0 to 120 minutes.
  • Model #’s: WA-1000 Base Station with one Wireless Sensor & WS-1000 Additional Wireless Temperature Sensors
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