WisDom Wireless Flood Alert Emergency Dialer Kit

Rokonet WisDom Wireless Flood Alert Emergency Dialer Kit

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Do you need to know if it there is flooding in your home when you're not there?

The WisDom Wireless Flood Alert Emergency Dialer Kit provides an alarm in case of flooding above the sensor level and will call you instantly when it detects water. The system can call up to four phone numbers to alert others as well. The panel has an adjustable siren that sounds up to 100db (siren can be disabled if you wish).

If using the USB Cable and Wisdom Computer software for programming it will require XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - Professional Version or Greater - NOT Home Versions.

The Flood Alert's flood sensor communicates WIRELESSLY to the control panel, so you can place it virtually anywhere in the house without being concerned about running wires.

This kit is great for notifying you about water in your home. Your quick response can save you thousands in water damage to your home.

As an added bonus, the panel can call you to advise you of power outages (you specify the length of time the power must be out prior to calling).


  • Completely expandable system takes up to 32 Wireless Sensors plus 1 Wired Zone
  • Built-in 100dB internal siren, plus 500mA external siren driver for optional additional siren
  • 3 Partitions/Areas
  • 32 User Codes
  • Large LCD Screen and Backlit Display
  • 250 Event Log for viewing system activity
  • Takes up to 2 Additional Wireless Keypads
  • Takes up to 8 Keyfobs
  • Sensors come with lithium batteries that last 3 to 5 years
  • Sensors can be placed up to 1,000 feet away from panel
  • Simple Remote Operation by Phone (Arm, Disarm, Listen, Talk, Activate Output, and more)
  • Built-in 2-Way Voice Communication to the Premises
  • Local Announcement and Feedback of System Status
  • Family Message Center
  • Dedicated Buttons for Simple Emergency (Panic) Notification
  • Duress Capability
  • Quick Key Operation of User Functions
  • 12 Hour Battery Backup with Rechargeable Batteries that are Recharged by the Unit Itself
  • Panel can call out to advise of power outages
  • Can be programmed by control panel keypad or computer software (USB cable sold separately)! Requires XP, Vista, and Windows 7 - Professional Version or Greater - NOT Home Versions.
  • Lighting/Appliance Control (Automation Kits sold separately)
  • Monthly Monitoring Service is OPTIONAL. Have the unit call you at up to 4 phone numbers if you wish to monitor the system yourself.

No information available at this time. Feel free to contact us for further information.

  • One (1) WisDom Control Panel
  • One (1) Power Transformer
  • One (1) Set of rechargeable backup batteries (recharged by the system itself)
  • One (1) WisDom Flood Sensor / Wireless Water Sensor
  • Step-by-step setup instructions