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Pepwave MAX BR1 Cellular Router

Pepwave MAX BR1 Cellular Router

Great solution for remote locations that don't have internet but where you may want to implement remote internet/ wifi thermostat control or home automation of lights, locks, water shut off valves etc! The Pepwave MAX BR1 is a rugged, ready-for-anything M2M connectivity solution that powers unparalleled uptime and dependability in mobile command, first response, surveillance, banking, retail, healthcare, and other deployments.
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AGM GSM Cellular Remote Alarm Module RM200GSXMUSB (Discontinued)
Please read the following important information if you currently own this product! The AGM GSM Alarm Module has a 2G modem. As of 12/31/2016, AT&T has shut down its 2G network and, as a result, equipment using AT&T will no longer communicate. There is no direct replacement since the manufacturer has opted not to make changes at this time.

Items 1 - 2 of 2