BAYweb Internet Thermostat Advanced (HP/Multistage) - Black

BAYweb Internet Thermostat Professional BW-WT8

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The BAYweb Thermostat saves the maximum amount of energy almost effortlessly. Once installed, you will rarely have to think about resetting or programming your thermostat again. Saving money and energy is great but the real breakthrough is achieving this year after year with minimal ongoing effort. This energy-saving Internet Thermostat features a secure home monitoring system that alerts you in case of heating/cooling issues as well as sump pump failure and even break-ins, additional sensors required. This programmable thermostat can alert you by email and even mobile phone. This professional model of BAYweb Thermostat can be used with 2-heat/2-cool and/or heat pump systems. It supports unlimited X 10 wireless motion sensors, and three wired alert inputs. This model also allows for indoor temp, outdoor temp, and duct sensors to used, only bayweb sensors supported by manufacturer.

  • Affordable - typical savings pays for unit within first year
  • Effective - Occupancy sensing enables thermostat to automatically adapt to your ever changing busy lifestyle.
  • Secure - Set up alerts for high or low temps as well as the ability to add additional environmental sensors.
  • Energy Management - comprehensive energy management reporting, analysis, and alerting functions as well as setting energy threshold alerts.
  • Commercial Features - unprecedented control and unbeatable savings, both in power consumption and man hours
  • Personal Web Portal - Operate your thermostat anytime anywhere via web browser or web-enabled mobile phone at no additional charge.
  • Web Applets - Applets give you the ability to easily customize your personal web portal to suit your needs, and provide us with the ability to efficiently add new features and capabilities for the family of BAYweb devices.
  • Dual Power Option - The thermostat can be powered from the furnace/AC if equipped with a “C” wire, or from a standard outlet.
  • Humidity Sensing Capability

**Please note: This unit cannot be used on Hughsnet satellite internet service.**

NEW!! You now have the option of purchasing your BAYweb internet thermostat either with or without humidity sensing capability. This function allows you to monitor humidity levels and to dehumidify through your AC system.

  • Maximum Efficiency
  • Personal Web Portal
  • Dedicated Mobile Interface
  • Email and Text Alerts
  • No Recurring Costs
  • Use Existing Wiring
  • Open Door / Window Shutdown
  • Keypad lockout feature for web only operation
  • Reports in Fahrenheit or Celsius
  • HVAC Supply Temperature Monitoring, Trending, and Alerting
  • Scheduled Area Temperature Control
  • Average Temperature Control
  • Temperature Monitoring and Alerting
  • Scheduled and Remote Relay Control
  • Sequenced Activity Switching / Peak Energy Limiting
  • *New* Smartphone App, Apple and Andriod

** The BAYweb App for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets, is now available. This initial version features remote monitoring, control, set point adjustments, and changing selected settings. It supports the Web Thermostat, Web Relay, and Web Integrator devices.

For iPhone and iPad users, go to the App Store and search for "BAYweb".

For Android phones and tablets using Google Play search for "BAYweb" or you can use this Link to go directly to the App. Note that there is also  pre-release version of the App called "BAYweb Mobile", that will be discontinued soon. Make sure you install the released version.

Note the BAYweb mobile portal ( will be removed on June 1st, so install the App before then to use BAYweb from your phone.

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How it Works
The BAYweb internet thermostat system uses two modules. A simple keypad is placed where the old thermostat went. The BAYweb control module is installed behind the scenes, often in the mechanical room. 4-conductor thermostat wire runs from the keypad to the control module. 4-conductor thermostat wire (or up to 8 wires on the Advanced and Professional module) runs from other side of the the control module to your HVAC system. The control module plugs into a standard 115V electrical outlet, but can also be powered using 24V transformer from your HVAC equipment. A Cat5 ethernet cable runs from a LAN port on the control module to your internet router or switch.

Bay's Plug-N-GoTM networking technology enables you to utilize all of the Internet-based capabilities by simply plugging it in to your network. No network or router changes, or network experience is required.
Requires a full time broadband Internet connection. To use existing thermostat cable, at least 4 conductors are required. Exclusively for use in the United States. Temperature indicated in degrees Fahrenheit.

Setup is quick and simple. Use the Portal on BAYweb's website to set up your account. Once that is complete, setup your schedule, energy monitoring, keypad lockout, etc. on the internet from any computer with web access.

Wiring Requirements and Model Information
Please check thermostat wiring and terminals. If they are marked as follows and have wires connected to the terminals as noted.*

Bayweb Flowchart

* Your thermostat may have additional terminals that are not being used. If there is no wire attached to a terminal, and no jumper to another terminal, please ignore these terminals when choosing a thermostat.

** Unit requires 4 wires. You may need to install a new thermostat cable - please consult if you are unsure. (It is possible, but not preferred, to obtain satisfactory service wiring using 3 wires - please consult if you are unsure.)

Please note that in rare cases, a manufacturer may use proprietary controls that may not be compatible with this thermostat.

  • System Types - Gas, oil, or electric heat with air conditioning
  • Schedule - 7 day, up to 48 periods per day, automatically adapts with occupancy sensing
  • Control Features - Automatic changeover, pre-comfort recovery, compressor protection
  • Clock - Synchronized with NIST Atomic Clock (+/- 1 second)
  • Control Types - 2-heat/2-cool and/or heat pump system
  • Occupancy/Alert Inputs - Unlimited X10 wireless and (3) wired dry contact input
  • Accuracy - 1° F
  • Cycle Rates (at 50% Load) - Heat and cool selectable 2 - 30 cycles per hour
  • Power Requirements - 24 VAC 0.5 Amp maximum, or 120 VAC, 60 Hz, 0.25 Amp maximum
  • Agency Approvals - Energy Star, ETL Listed (UL 873), NEMA DC-3
  • Module - 7.5"W x 5.65"H x 1.2"D
  • Thermostat - 4"W x 5"H x 5/8"D

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