Intermediate Freeze Alarm (FA-I-CCA),Freeze Alarm,Temperature Alarms,Freeze Alert

Intermediate Freeze Alarm (FA-I-CCA)

Item#: FA-I-CCA

This Freeze Alarm will call up to 3 numbers when the temperature varies outside of your defined settings; or you can call in to check the current temperature using any phone.

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The Intermediate FreezeAlarm FA-I-CCA automatically calls up to three phone numbers when the temperature either rises above or falls below a customer-determined temperature set-point.

This Intermediate Freeze Alarm also has a Quick Status Feature that allows you to call in and hear the current temperature, power status and battery status with a simple 15 second phone call!

It also calls if the power fails for a period of time or if the back-up battery needs to be replaced. You can remotely check the temperature, power status and battery voltage by calling from any phone in the world. A series of menu options are accessible by pressing the buttons on your Touch-Tone phone. All menus are in English.

The Freeze Alarm can be programmed by either plugging a standard, single line telephone into the front program jack or remotely programming it from an outside telephone or cell phone. The Freeze Alarm indefinitely retains all programmed phone numbers, temperature alarm setpoints and security code information even when the power is out or the back-up battery is either dead or removed

Enjoy peace of mind with the Intermediate model because you can call your FreezeAlarm from any phone in the world to access the Quick Status Feature or to change the settings and phone numbers remotely.


At the current time, all Intermediate FreezeAlarms are packaged in a plastic clam shell that is taped on the top and both sides. Although these units are taped, THESE ARE BRAND NEW UNITS! This is a factory sealing method that is being used due to a change in the plastic clam shell tooling that required the tape to ensure units would not open during shipping. This is a special high tensile strength tape designed to hold tough in various temperatures and conditions that can occur when shipping product. We are currently evaluating a new packaging method that may eliminate the plastic clam shell for both cost and environmental impact, but for now, the unit you receive or purchase from one of our resellers may have the tape applied on the top and sides of the package.

  • Calls up to three phone numbers to alert you of one of the three alarm emergencies at your remote monitored location.
  • Allows you to call into your Freeze Alarm and check the current temperature, power status and even remotely program the unit from any phone in the world.
  • Standby switch for use when programming unit or if you do not want the freeze alarm in use.
  • Incoming Ring count allows you to select the number of rings the Freeze Alarm will hear before it will pick up.
  • Customized Message allows you to customize both the greeting message and the alarm condition message.
  • Easy set-up and programming-simply plug in a phone and the unit literally "talks" you through the set-up.
  • Can also function as a heat alarm by switching the unit into "heat" mode.
  • This model accepts a 9 volt battery for backup power (Battery sold separately, lithium is recommended...see below).
This model is Fahrenheit or Celsius selectable. The temperature sensor is included with this unit.

Audio Sample

Click here to listen to recordings of an Intermediate Freeze Alarm! (a new audio-only window will open).


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