Sensaphone SCADA 3000 (FGD-3000)

Sensaphone SCADA 3000 (FGD-3000)

Item#: FGD-3000

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Regular Price: $2,700.00
On Sale For: $2,430.00
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The Sensaphone SCADA3000 Monitoring System offers a comprehensive solution for an industrial setting. Monitor and control your pumps, calculate flow, record run times, generate reports and alarms – all from the SCADA 3000. With its universal input support; the SCADA 3000 can monitor your 4-20mA transducers and pulse counters... as well as any environmental factors you may encounter. This expandable system will support up to 144 I/O points to meet the most demanding sites.

Now, your industrial location can enjoy the protection offered by a comprehensive monitoring, alarm notification, system control, and data-logging. The Sensaphone SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) 3000 Monitoring System communicates with a host PC through RS-232 serial, radio modem, or standard telephone lines and runs a powerful, 32-bit Windows®-compatible software application that allows users to manage multiple host units. The built-in keypad, speaker, and four-line LCD display make local programming simple. Individual software modules control programming, screen design, control program editing, and data-logging actions.

Capabilities: The system includes 16 inputs as standard – expandable to 136 in total. Input options include dry-contact, 10K, and 4-20mA modules. These inputs allow users to monitor a variety of conditions; including temperature, water, humidity, and more. Available expansion I/O modules can add universal/pulse-count inputs and relay/analog outputs.

Features: Eight standard universal output relays – expandable to 128 in total – can switch external devices on or off automatically or manually. The output can even control a thermostat to adjust site temperature remotely.

Alerts: In the event of an alarm, the system can send one of 64 custom-recorded voice messages – or alert you by way of a text message, page, or e-mail.

NOTE: Fax capabilities no longer available


ARRA Compliant.  Contact us for details.

  • Windows® software with integrated Ladder/C compilers and real-time HMI design
  • Expansion modules include relay/analog output, universal input, and pulse count
  • Communicates through RS-232, radio, and phone lines
  • Notifies up to 64 contacts by phone, email, text, or pager
  • Control, monitoring, and data collection in a single system
  • Generate automatic custom reports daily to your email
  • Expandable up to 144 I/O points with control logic
  • Data-logging capability allows for up to 50,000 time-stamped records
  • Made in USA