Handle Mounted Barbeque Grill Light

Maverick GL-200 Handle Mounted Barbeque Grill Light

Item#: GL-200
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Grill light mounts to nearly any size or shaped handle. It has a telescoping arm for an additional 3" of extension, and the head can extend forward up to 4" for handles that are set back. The head of the light can be rolled forward or back or rotated left to right to aim the light just where you need it. It features 8 super bright LEDs and an automatic timer that shuts unit off to avoid unwanted battery drain.

A - 8 super bright LEDs provide 33% more light than other 6 LED models
B - Automatic timer shuts o unit to avoid unwanted battery drain
C - Versatile aiming! Unit can reach left or right side table and from front controls to rear warming rack
D - One set of batteries lasts a whole season! Over 50 hours on 3 AA batteries
E - Mounts to nearly any grill with a specially engineered clamp
F - Head is removable for use away from the grill


  • Source 8 super-bright LEDs
  • Lamp Life Over 50,000 hours
  • Power 3 AA Batteries
  • Battery Life Over 50 hours
  • Materials Steel and impact-resistant polycarbonate, custom integrated timing circuit