Floodfree Pump Control and Alarm

Floodfree Pump Control and Alarm

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Floodfree pump control addresses the common problems associated with pump failures. Its patented EST sensing is not affected by pump movement, thin water films, oil, grease, soaps, turbulence, foaming, or flow rates making it extremely reliable in all environments. The stainless probe provides clear on/off points which can be shortened or extended. The probe can fit into narrow spaces where other sensor can not work. The patent pending Z-Snap technology for the pump relay provides one million operations. ZSnap closes the relay contacts at zero volts on the same positive cycle each start and opens the contacts at near zero current. This results in preventing pump starts at peak voltage or temporary reverse cycle starts. Thus providing stronger/smoother starts and extending the pumps parts such as the bearing, capacitors, seals, and motor. The alarm warns you before flooding occurs locally with an 80 db audible alarm or can be hook up to a dialer or security system for remote warning. The control is rated at 120 volts, 15 amps. UL and CSA approved.


  • Makes a manual sump pump work automatically
  • Fixes your sump pump's broken switch instead of buying a new sump pump
  • Works as a sump pump control and alarm combined
  • Connects to your home alarm system or autodialer to call you and warn you of pump failure



  • Floodfree Pump control with local and remote alarming.
  • Patented "Electronic Surface Transfer" EST water sensing.
  • Z-Snap relay control for one million operations and softer motor/pump starts.
  • Sensing probe with fixed on/off pumping cycle. Pumping range is 5.5” same as a standard float cycle. The pumping range can be made shorter or longer.


  • Voltage 100-130VAC
  • Current 15 Amps
  • Locked Rotor 45 Amps
  • Alarm 85 db
  • Alarm Output 30VAC, 50VDC, 100 milliamps max
  • Sensing Wire 10 feet
No information available at this time. Feel free to contact us for further information
No information available at this time. Feel free to contact us for further information