PumpAlarm Cellular Alarm - GEN 2

PumpAlarm Cellular Alarm - GEN 2

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Wouldn’t you like to avoid expensive property damage from power outages and freezing temperatures?

Now with customized temperature monitoring. Receive alerts for high and low temperature thresholds and set the limits to any value. Perfect for a variety of applications, ranging from heating system failure to server rooms and RV’s. The new PumpAlarm will still alert you when power goes out and also notifies you of power restoration! Now the PumpAlarm has 3 alarm inputs with a potential for 4*! You can now choose your sensors based on your application as well!

* Inputs 1 and 2 are individually wired; inputs 3,4 connect internally using a 3 pin wire, for our sump pump float switch . Choose with added optional splitter if you would like to expand to three or four usable alarm inputs for NO/NC sensors.**

**The Cellular Alarm utilizes dry contact inputs, with alarm triggers set by default as Normally Open. This can be updated to Normally Closed. Alternatively, you can name each input and even set a delay. This allows you to customize the device to fit your specific needs. When using your own sensor, you will need to purchase a 12' wire lead with special connector and splice with your output from there.

The PumpAlarm is still an affordable $49.99 a year! This allows you to receive text message alerts to up to three numbers, 600 total messages a year!


  • Power monitoring (off and restored)
  • Temp Monitoring - Built in temp sensor, can monitor high and low
  • Back up Batteries - allows the unit to text during power outage (4AA)
  • DIY instalation - Just requires a screwdriver and texting knowledge
  • CDMA2000 dual band 800/1900 radio. Transmits SMS thru Verizon’s robust cellular network
  • Water level detection (add on float switch reqiured)
  • Water Detection (water sensor sold seperately)
  • Local siren -  2.9 kHz +/- 500 Hz, 100 dBA with wall power, 75 dBA (estimated) on backup batteries.(dBa varies by distance from unit and number of obstructions.)