Gentex 7139CS Hard Wired T3 Smoke Alarm with Backup Battery

Gentex 7139CS Hard Wired T3 Smoke Alarm with Backup Battery

Item#: 7139CS
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Hard Wired - Electrician Installation

The 7139  is a photoelectric single station smoke alarm designed to give reliable early warning of the presence of smoke where both audible and visual alarms are required. This model is hard-wired so you would need an electrician to hook it up.

The smoke alarm operates on the light scattering principle, a superior method of detection in smoldering fires. It has a pulsing LED light source and a photodiode sensor in a fully screened sensing chamber. When smoke enters the chamber, the infrared beam is deflected onto the sensor. The LED rate increases to 8 times the normal pulse rate, and after the photodiode confirms the presence of smoke for 2 consecutive pulses, it will produce the signal necessary to trip the audible and strobe light alarms.

The 7139 series provides the temporal 3 (T3) evacuation tone as a standard feature. When testing, it may take up to 16 seconds longer to go in or out of alarm.

  • 177 candela rating (very bright strobe light)
  • Solid state 90dB horn (very loud)
  • Full function test switch (easy for you to test that it is working)
  • Flashes 60 times per minute
  • Meets state, federal, and ADA requirements
  • Mounting hardware for ceiling or Wall
  • Temporal 3 (T3) Evacuation sounding device (3 beeps, pause, 3 beeps, pause)
  • Tandem connection up to 6 detectors per system
  • 9V battery backup (audible alarm only)
  • UL Listed (USA)