Pool WatchDog Swimming Pool Safety Cam

Pool WatchDog Swimming Pool Safety Cam

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A New and exciting additional layer of protection for your swimming pool has arrived! Introducing the Pool WatchDog Swimming Pool Safety Camera!

Just like a real watchdog...your Pool WatchDog Swimming Pool Safety Cam can help keep an eye on your swimming pool when you're on vacation, at the office, or just in the other room...and send you a warning Text or Email, to get your attention and alert you to potential danger around your swimming pool!

Your Pool WatchDog Swimming Pool Safety Cam is a WiFi enabled "plug-n-play" IP Camera that operates through your existing wireless router and internet service (can also be hard wired) so there is NO monthly service fee required! (Optional monitoring service is available upon request.)

The Pool WatchDog Swimming Pool Safety Cam does much more than just send Text and Email "Alerts" to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC if someone comes near your pool or opens your pool cover when you are not there. Your Pool WatchDog uses Streaming Video to SHOW you who it is...giving you the opportunity to take action if it's needed!

The Pool WatchDog Swimming Pool Safety Cam works on ANY swimming pool no matter the size or shape (may need more than 1 pool camera on some pools) and you can use it with ANY manufacturers automatic swimming pool cover!

Best of all, the Pool WatchDog is EASY to set up and use!

Just download the Pool WatchDog App from the iPhone App Store or Google Play...plug in your Pool WatchDog Camera to your wireless router and to a wall outlet. Open the App and click "add Camera". Point your phone at the QR/BAR code on the side of your camera...and the Camera will program itself!! It's that easy! No long instruction manuals, no CD's that have to be put in, and you don't even need a computer.

    -24/7 Streaming Video to your Smartphone, Tablet or PC
    - Text and Email alerts to warn you of danger, or to let you know your loved ones are home safe.
    - FREE iPhone and Android APP
    - FREE Recoding Software for yor PC Included!
    - NO DVD Required
    - Night Vision
    - Weather Proof for outdoor use
    - Motion Detection
    - Wireless
    - Can hook up to 30 Cameras to be viewed on your Phone or Tablet
    - NO Monthly Fees
    - NO Additional equipment to buy or maintain
    - Monitor 24/7 on your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the world, and turn the alerts on remotely only when you want them
    - Included: Can record snapshots or 120 second bursts of video on your smartphone or tablet, to capture cute moments or document events.
    - NO Computer required (camera has a built in CPU) (computer is required if you want to record the video)
    - Easy 5 Minute set-up

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