Watercop Z-Wave Outdoor Rated Water Shut off Actuator and Valve

Watercop Z-Wave Outdoor Rated Water Shut off Actuator and Valve

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Watercop Z-Wave Outdoor water shutoff valve is designed for residences on slab foundations and/or in instances where main water shutoff is outside of the home. Choose your valve size to fit your main water line and choose from 25', 50', or 75' long outdoor rated cable from the indoor receiver to the outdoor actuator and valve.

The WaterCop Classic Outdoor is a Z-Wave water shut off valve that allows you to turn the water supply to your home on/off via a Z-Wave controller such as the VeraEdge home controller. Adding water sensors such as the DynaQuip Controls ZWCFS100 Z-Wave WaterCop Wireless Water and Freeze Sensor/Alarm. WaterCop Z-Wave combines the trusted WaterCop system benefits of early electronic leak detection and automatic water shut-off with the additional feature of operating in a Z-Wave enabled network.

When installed into a new or existing Z-Wave network, the WaterCop Z-Wave control valve may be locally or remotely controlled using a gateway interface. Integrated with other automated home devices such as alarms and environmental controls, the WaterCop Z-Wave system offers homeowners an added level of convenience, control, and security when it comes to protecting their residences.

Maintain a smarter home ... install a WaterCop today!

  • Protects 24 hours a day
  • Conserves water
  • Open/close buttons allow manual valve control
  • Three color-coded lights indicate closed valve, open valve, or error
  • Compatible with multiple add-on Water Alarm Sensors
  • Full Flow brass valve (1/2″ to 1 1/4″) available NSF61 standard or NSF61G Lead Free