Risco WiComm Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector

Risco WiComm Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector

Item#: RWX34S91500A
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The Risco WiComm Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector combines advanced technologies within a compact and streamlined design, the ideal choice for homeowners seeking the highest safety standards. With both smoke and heat detection capabilities , the Smoke and Heat Detector offers a more sensitive and dependable product for early detection of fire hazards in different environments with a reduced risk of false alarms. For use with the Risco WiComm Internet/Cellular Security System.


  • Wireless, combined smoke and heat detection
    • Heat-only mode enables installing in harsh environments, such as kitchens or bathrooms
    • Earlier detection is achieved from fast temperate rate-of-rise before smoke is detected
  • Simple battery replacement performed by the customer
  • Two heat sensors measuring the fixed temperature and rate-of-rise provide accurate readings and high false-alarm immunity
  • Visual LED indicates alarms, standby mode, and low battery
  • Built-in test button activates the self test and alarm-sounding
  • 85dB alarm sound
  • Powered by two CR123 3V lithium batteries (supplied)
  • Cover and wall tampers


  • Smoke Detection - Photoelectric chamber
  • Heat Detection - Dual-sensor with fixed temperature and rate-of-rise
  • Operating Modes -
    • Smoke + Heat (OR logic)
    • Smoke only
    • Heat only
  • Wireless RF Modes - Selectable 1-way or 2-way
  • Alarm Sound Level - Exceeds 85dB at 3m (10’)
  • Typical Average Standby Current - 0.02mA typical
  • Typical Alarm Current - 100mA
  • Typical Battery Life - Typically 3 years
  • Battery Type - Two CR123 3V lithium batteries
  • Low Battery Threshold - 2.5 V
  • Low Battery Beep rate - One beep every 30 seconds
  • Low Battery Life - 30 days from warning signal
  • Operating Temperature - 14°F - 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
  • Operating Humidity - 10% to 85% RH, no condensation or icing