Guardian Leak Detector

Guardian Leak Detector

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Save yourself thousands of dollars in water damage by using Guardian Leak Detectors throughout your home. Whether you’re worried about a broken washing machine, an overflowing sump pump, or a leaking water heater, Guardian has your back! The moment a Leak Detector senses water, extreme cold, or an earthquake, they will automatically send signal the Valve Controller (sold separately) up to 1,000 feet away (line-of-sight) to shut off your water main to prevent further damage. You will receive system notifications on your phone via the Guardian app.

The average U.S. home is estimated to need 6 to 8 Leak Detectors to properly cover the most common areas where leaks occur: toilets, refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, washing machines, dish washers, HVAC, basement doors, sump pumps, sinks, drains, etc.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Guardian Valve Controller
  • iOS or Android smartphone with Bluetooth and internet access (for set up only)
  • WiFi with internet access (for remote control and notifications only)


  • Place Guardian Leak Detectors throughout your home to monitor toilets, basement doors, sump pumps, water heaters, appliances, sinks, drains, and more for leaks and floods.
  • The Leak Detector can be placed up to 1000' away (line of sight) from the Valve Controller (sold separately) and over a hundred additional Leak Detectors can be added to your system to protect properties of all sizes and shapes.
  • Also use to be alerted of freezing temperatures
  • A waterproof housing and 15-year battery life ensure long-term reliability and performance.
  • The Leak Detector senses water using five different points of detection to provide installation flexibility.