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Power Failure Alarm / Failed Circuit Alarm

Power Failure Alarm / Failed Circuit Alarm

Power Failure Alarm / Failed Circuit Alarm
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SKU: FCA2-05-15

Price: $45.00

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The Power Failure Alarm / Failed Circuit Alarm notifies you of a power outage with an 85 to 90 dB buzzer.

  • Power failure detection with test and auto reset
  • 9 volt battery (not included)
  • 15 ft cord
  • 115v
  • piggyback outlet space saving 15 amp plug
  • 85 to 90 Decibel Buzzer
  • Outlet saving 15 amp with piggyback Plug
  • 110 / 120 Volt
  • Toggle on/off switch
  • Test button
  • Mount up to 15 foot from outlet
  • Easy installation and a 1 year limited warranty
  • This item alerts you when a circuit has tripped out freezers, heaters, pumps, mid-night power outages, etc.
  • Fits standard 110V outlet
  • Unit has an outlet saving piggyback style plug
  • Alarms approx 36 + hours on new quality battery

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