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Detection Devices

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KJB Security DD1207 Multi-Channel Detector for Wireless Protocols
The DD1207 a reliable tool for tracing different digital transmissions such as GSM, Bluetooth and other wireless transmissions (Cellphones and GPS transmissions). The sensitivity of a common RF detector (bug detector) is spread along a wide frequency range, usually 3, or even 6-7 GHz. This means the common detector cannot detect such weak and non-continuous signals as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or Wi-Max.
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KJB Security DD801 Multifunctional Portable Sweep Unit
Is Someone Spying on You? Our privacy could be infringed anywhere. In public spaces, in our own homes, in our cars - nowhere is safe! That doesn't mean you're powerless. Arm yourself with our spy detection equipment for sale, and you can start fighting back against the people who are keeping tabs on you! The Professional Multi-Bug Detector is one of the best counter-surveillance, spy sweeper devices on the market - it scans for and identifies virtually every possible piece of surveillance equipment there is.
Availability:Usually ships in 1 to 3 business days.

Items 1 - 2 of 2