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Product of the Week

This week's product is the Pool Patrol Pool Alarm with Wireless Remote Receiver PA-30 (safety item)

The Pool Patrol floating pool alarms provide audible protection to pools and Spas. Meets the requirements of ASTM F 2208.

The Pool Patrol PA-30 Pool Alarm floats on the pool surface and will activate when children or pets fall into the pool, creating a wave. The Pool Patrol Pool Alarm emits a warning alarm when the wave touches the sensing ring of the pool alarm. This triggers the alarm, which emits a clear warning signal. The sensing ring is adjustable so that it can be controlled to activate only when an object the size of a child or pet falls into your pool. The Pool Patrol Pool Alarm is designed to work in any shape pool. For pools larger than 20' x 40' more than one alarm may be required for greater security.