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Product of the Week

This week's product is the MarCell Pro

The MarCELL Pro is a cell phone based product that monitors the temperature, humidity and power status in your remote home, business, vacation property or other sensitive property. No phone line or internet connection is required. When the MarCELL Pro detects temperatures that are too high or too low, if humidity is out of range or if the power goes out, the MarCELL Pro sends an alert message to the cloud which immediately sends you a text message, email and a voice phone call warning of problems at your remote property. It even sends you alert messages when the power is restored. With the external temperature probe the MarCell Pro can also be used with freezers or refrigerators with temperature range of -20°F to 120°F. On top or sending alerts when an alarm occurs the MarCell Pro also logs temperature readings every 30 minutes so you can view historical data on the website and monitor trends in the temperature readings. This can allow you to see a problem before the MarCell Pro has to call you with an alarm.