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Featured Product

Our featured product is the LunaSafe Child/Pet Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit

Get your family ready for a fun and safe pool season with the LunaSafe Water Immersion Alarm System. The LunaSafe provides protection for children, pets, or anyone else that should not be in the pool. Each protected child or pet will wear the LunaSafe Transmitter that will alarm at the base station when the transmitter goes into the water. This is a great alternative to the Safety Turtle System that is no longer available.

Lunasea Lighting has introduced the LunaSafe an innovative new water safety device designed to provide a layer of protection for child and pet safety. Ideal for use poolside, aboard boats, at the marina, and even when camping by the lake or stream, Lunasea’s IP67 waterproof attachment and IP65 waterproof receiver take safety on or near the water to a whole new level. The receiver emits a comforting blue ambient light to provide assurance that all is OK. In the event your child or pet should fall into in the water, the portable receiver sounds a loud audible alarm and flashes a bright strobe.