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Product of the Week

This week's product is the SwamCam

Introducing the SwamCam! This swimming pool alarm uses Artificial Intelligence to detect and alert as soon as a child enters the pool area. The SwamCam pool alarm camera is the most advanced and comprehensive product available to assist in drowning prevention.

SwamCam has a custom app for your Smart Phone that allows you to pull up a live view of the pool area, speak to anyone in the area, arm and disarm the SwamCam, and even call 911 if necessary. Artificial Intelligence allows the SwamCam to constantly learn and improve, and new features can be added as the app is updated.

When Armed, it continuously scans the pool area for the presence of people. When a child enters the pool area, you will receive a push notification on your phone, an audible alarm at the camera, and an audible alarm at the remote siren inside the home.