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Dual Camera Dashcam - C5595
Two is always better than one! This Dual action car camera is equipped with two cameras one is fixed facing the front and the other rotates so you can position this dash camera just they way you want. Packed full of features to meet anyone's car cam requirements.
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P3 Under Hood Animal Repeller
Animals getting under the hood of your car is dangerous for both the animals themselves and the well being of your vehicle. Creatures such as, squirrels, rats, martens, and even cats have been known to crawl inside cars due to the enticing heat of an engine. While inside they have the potential to cause substantial damage to cables and parts.
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FRED™ Light Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk™ (3 pk)
In case of emergency, warn others of your situation. This 3 pack of FRED Light Flashing Roadside Emergency Disks by Wagan Tech is a reusable, safer alternative to emergency flares and has 10 light settings. Light up your tent or identify yourself if you are in trouble. Help police and fire locate your house in emergency situations.
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Maxsa Innovations 20031 Portable Curb Ramp
A portable, durable plastic ramp allows wheelchairs, carts, or vehicles to roll up curbs up to 5.5" high.
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Maxsa Innovations 20333 Escaper Buddy
Getting stuck is somewhere between a nuisance and an all-out emergency. When it comes to snow or mud, your car is almost always going to be on the losing end...and if you're talking about soft deep sand on a beach, you're probably going to be facing a tow-truck bill. Introducing the Escaper Buddy forget about the bag of kitty litter or scrap of carpeting.
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