These are just some of the nice comments that customers have emailed to us:

"I just received your package. I want to thank you for your EXCELLENT SERVICE... I will recommend Hydra-Numatic to anyone I know." -Barry

Thank you VERY MUCH! You guys are great! I will be sure to let others know of your company and the great customer service I have received! Thanks again!" -Steve

"Thanks for the thoughtful response. You folks are of huge help! First and foremost, DIY Controls provides AWESOME technical support. My first tech support call was answered by Pam. She not only knew about the product, but also had experienced using it first-hand in her home. She answered all my questions. My second call (okay, maybe third) was answered by Bob. Bob helped me... and answered my questions very quickly—in minutes. I truly appreciate the helpfulness and responsiveness of your technical support staff." -Read

"Thank you very much, your company's customer service is top notch! I am very pleased with the unit and the service of your company" -Randy

"I will be buying additional controls and accessories from DIY for my second home, and that of my daughter's. I am totally sold on the awesome flexibility, and level of control of this system albeit it would not be possible to fully DIY without the unusually high level of support that you provide. Thank you!" -David

"Thank you for your detailed answers! ...I really appreciate your time with all of my questions." -Scott

"How nice it is to get good quick personal service in these days of automated help lines! Keep it up!" -Steve

"Thanks for the great service—I just ordered the starter kit from your online store!" -Nate

"Thank you for answering all my questions in a timely manner and in great detail." -Tom

"Thank you very much for your quick and very informative reply." -Peter

"Thank you so much for your quick response. Unfortunately our purchasing process is not as fast as you are." -Brenda

"Thank you, very much for wonderful products as well as the shipping updates!" -Dary

"Nice! Great service. Thanks a bunch." -Jim

"Thank you for your immediate response... Great customer service. I thank you very much." -Rose

"Thank you for your cooperation and quick reply." -Farouk

"Thanks for the quick response." -Tom R.

"Thank you for your quick response." -Bahman

"Thanks for your quick reply" -Victor

"Thank you very much for your prompt response." -Sally

"Thank you for your speedy reply." -Ed

"Thanks for your quick response." -Joe

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