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Drive Proof Car Camera (Max Storage) - DP-210
The Drive Proof DP-210 (Max Storage) model was designed to offer a significant, 105 hours of recording time. Equipped with two color cameras, front and rear facing, GPS tracking, speed logging and G-force monitoring, the DP-210 revs up protection for any vehicle owner. This dual car camera system helps you capture action as it occurs. It   automatically begins recording as soon as it is powered by the included   cigarette lighter adapter.
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Maxsa Innovations 20333 Escaper Buddy
Getting stuck is somewhere between a nuisance and an all-out emergency. When it comes to snow or mud, your car is almost always going to be on the losing end...and if you're talking about soft deep sand on a beach, you're probably going to be facing a tow-truck bill. Introducing the Escaper Buddy forget about the bag of kitty litter or scrap of carpeting.
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Items 1 - 2 of 2