FRED™ Light Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk™ (3 pk)

FRED™ Light Flashing Roadside Emergency Disk™ (3 pk)

Item#: WGN26393
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In case of emergency, warn others of your situation. This 3 pack of FRED Light Flashing Roadside Emergency Disks by Wagan Tech is a reusable, safer alternative to emergency flares and has 10 light settings. Light up your tent or identify yourself if you are in trouble. Help police and fire locate your house in emergency situations. Warn other vehicles of your situation. The disk is magnetic, waterproof, shatterproof and safe for all applications.

Emergency Use at Home

The FRED Light is not only for roadside use. Use FRED at home to identify your location so that first responders can easily find you; with a magnetic backing and a flush fitting hook, the FRED Light can be mounted or placed nearly anywhere. If you are in an emergency, seconds count. Placing a FRED Light on your house or curbside can make it easier for emergency personnel (Police, Fire, and Ambulance) to find your location.

Emergency Use on the Water 
With an extremely strong magnet, the FRED Light can hold on to most ferrous metals with ease. Use the FRED Light to mark your location, alert other boaters, or as a floating marker. The uses for FRED are limitless!

Use Anywhere 
FRED can be used for non-emergency use too. A great way to add party ambiance; use FRED as a neat floating pool light show, walkway or path marker, keep track of the kids at night, or marking your campsite, FRED’s uses are only limited by your imagination!

*Please check with your local laws and regulations prior to deploying FRED for use

  • Bright LED safety flare with 10 light modes plus LED work light
  • Safer than traditional road flares
  • Great for emergencies, road flares, marine & camping
  • 12 red LEDs, 3 white LEDs
  • Anti-slip double-injection construction
  • Rainproof (IP55)
  • Shatterproof
  • Visible 360° up to 1 mile
  • Heavy-duty magnetic base
  • Floats
  • Each disc includes 3 AAA batteries
  • Dim, each: 4" dia x 1.5"H
  • Includes storage bag
  • 3 pkPredicted run times:
  • 3-LED flashlight (white): 6 hours
  • Double-blink: 9 hours
  • Double-pulse: 9 hours
  • Single-blink: 38 hours
  • Rotate: 9 hours
  • SOS Help (Morse code): 15 hours
  • Alternating: 9 hours
  • Solid-on high: 5 hours
  • Solid-on low: 28 hours

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