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Automatic Water Shut off Valves

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Automatic Phone Dialer (AVD-45C)
This single-channel autodialer can be used with a FloodStop or just about any security or environmental sensor. It calls up to 4 phone numbers of your choice. Please note: The power supply for this unit is sold separately. Choose between the AC-2P power supply or the PB12P which is a power supply with integrated battery backup.
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AC-2P Power Supply for AVD-45C Autodialer
AC/DC Adapter for AVD-45C Autodialer
Availability:Usually in stock.
PP1 Battery Backup for AVD-45C Autodialer
For use with AVD45C Automatic phone Dialer model Provides 24 hour back-up power in the event of a power outage Automatically recharges
Availability:Usually in stock.
PB12P Power Supply for AVD-45C Autodialer
AC/DC Adapter with Standby battery Battery pack will provide up to 24 hours of back-up power for the AVD45C Automatic phone Dialer model. In the event of a power failure the battery pack will immediately activate and keep the dialer functioning. Auto recharger of battery back up
Availability:Usually in stock.

Items 1 - 4 of 4