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AGM GSM Cellular Remote Alarm Module RM200GSXMUSB (Discontinued)
Please read the following important information if you currently own this product! The AGM GSM Alarm Module has a 2G modem. As of 12/31/2016, AT&T has shut down its 2G network and, as a result, equipment using AT&T will no longer communicate. There is no direct replacement since the manufacturer has opted not to make changes at this time.
12VDC Battery for Universal AGM, WisDom GSM Module, and ProSound 12VDCBATTERY
12VDC battery for the following devices: AGM GSM Cellular Remote Alarm Module (RP200GSXMUSB) WisDom GSM Cellular Module (RP128GSXMUSA) ProSound External Sounder (RS200WA0000A) (Color and brand of battery may vary.)
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Items 1 - 2 of 2