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Rokonet CoMET Pet Immune PIR Motion Detector
The CoMET Pet is an excellent solution for cost effective PET immune residential applications. The CoMET Pet is a 8m (26') 90° pet immune Detector with immunity up to 42lbs. (20kg.) dog, 2 cats or multiple rodents. AN ELEGANT SOLUTION FOR A HARSH ENVIRONMENT! RISCO's comprehensive range of security systems ensures complete project flexibility, enabling the creation of ideal solutions for every size and type of installation -- from small residences to large institutions.
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FGD-0007 Passive Infra-Red Motion Detector
SELF-POWERED infrared sensor that monitors the movement of warm bodies in a specific area. Will cause a dialout if motion is detected. The range is a maximum of 40 feet directly ahead of, and approximately 20 feet to either side of, the detector at 40 feet distance (see installation instructions for diagram).
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IMS-4861 Passive Infrared Motion Detector for IMS-1000/IMS-4000 (special order)
Sensaphone IMS-4861 Passive Infrared Motion Detector w/ 7' Cable for Sensaphone IMS-4000 or Sensaphone IMS-1000 The Sensaphone IMS-4861 Passive Infrared Detection Sensor is a dual-element passive infrared intrusion detector for use in electronic security systems. It reduces false alarms by eliminating background noises and nuisance stimuli.
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Items 1 - 3 of 3