BBQ Safety Igniter

Maverick BL-02 BBQ Safety Igniter

Item#: BL-02
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No more wasting time and money trying to fix that broken igniter with the Maverick Barbecue Safety Igniter. This igniter works up to 100,000 strikes and requires no fuel or batteries. Its 15 inch long wire keeps your fingers at a safe distance so you will no longer risk burning yourself. This is a handy addition to any household for barbecuing and even household chores.

Many uses!

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  • Works in cold or hot weather – tested to subfreezing temperatures.
  • Not harmful to body (if shocked) similar to a static electricity shock.
  • Piezoelectric igniter good to 100,000 strikes.
  • Lights all types of ignitable gases including MAPP, Propane, Butane, Oxyacetylene, etc.
  • 15" wire keeps fingers a safe distance from ignition!
  • Safer than using matches or lighters!
  • No batteries or fuel ever required!
  • Generates 10,000 volts.
  • Don't waste money replacing a broken grill igniter.
  • Stainless steel construction with durable ABS handle.
  • Patent pending