FloLogic 3.0 Automatic Water Shutoff System

FloLogic 3.5 Automatic Water Shutoff System w/ WiFi Option


WIFI Option Now Available!!!
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Described by Popular Science as "the circuit breaker for your home's plumbing system," the FloLogic System™ is an automatic water shutoff system that constantly monitors all water coming into the home and detects any unusual flow. If water flow exceeds a preset limit, the System automatically shuts off the water and sounds an alarm. The System does all of this from a single point in the water main, serving as a first line of defense against water damage.

The FloLogic System consists of a flow sensor and user interface that controls a motor-driven ball valve. The System can also be connected to any home security system, alerting your monitoring service when a leak is detected.

In the "Home" mode, the System is pre-programmed to allow up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted water flow before the shutoff valve is activated. The "Away" mode allows 30 seconds of uninterrupted flow. Both modes can easily be reprogrammed to correspond with your personal water use patterns.

New WiFi Module Available

Only FloLogic’s EverWatch™ flow-sensing technology continuously catches leaks beginning at 1/2 ounce-per-minute, anywhere in the plumbing supply. Even small leaks will cause major damage if undetected. Low cost leak detectors can’t identify small leaks. FloLogic monitors in real time, 24/7, with a flow sensor that is more sensitive than most water meters. After detecting a leak or critically low room temperature, the system closes the water supply to minimize and prevent any damage or waste. FloLogic keeps your home safe, wherever you may be.

The FloLogic mobile app sends instant alerts, providing vital information about abnormal water activty, critcally low temperatures, or auto-shutoffs. You can easily forward information to a plumber, caretaker or your emergency contacts. With the tap of a smartphone, you can turn your water off and on, change the System mode, adjust the settings, see if water is flowing, identify the flow rate and more—whether you’re home or thousands of miles away.


The FloLogic System combines a precision calibrated low-flow sensor with an intuitive user interface to continuously monitor water use and control a motor-driven ball valve. Certified to IP68 for dust and water ingress protection, the valve and flow sensor assembly can be installed in any orientation in both indoor and outdoor environments. The FloLogic System can be connected to any security or building automation system, alerting the building manager or monitoring service when a leak is detected, or simply choose the WiFi module and download the app for full control and notifications!


The FloLogic System continuously monitors all water entering the property and detects any unusual flow, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An integrated battery provides stand-by power allowing the System to continue to perform these functions even when AC power is lost. If water use exceeds the preset limit, FloLogic automatically closes the valve and sounds an alarm at the Control Panel or can now send alerts with the added WiFi module! The FloLogic System does all of this from a single point in the water main, serving as a first line of defense against water damage.The patented valve auto exercise feature ensures the valve closes when called upon. FloLogic comes with a best-in-category standard five-year warranty. It features solid, lead-free, cast bronze construction with a full-port stainless steel ball—made in the USA. The FloLogic System is listed with UL, cUL, UPC, and cUPC. It is certified to NSF 61-8 with a pressure drop similar to one 90 degree pipe turn. FloLogic has an integrated manual override. And if AC power is interrupted, the system battery provides power for up to seven days


When the property is occupied (Home mode), the FloLogic System is preprogrammed to allow 30 minutes of uninterrupted water flow before the valve is closed and the leak alarm is activated. When the property is unoccupied (Away mode), the FloLogic will allow only 30 seconds of uninterrupted water flow. Settings for both Home and Away modes can be easily changed to correspond with any property's water use patterns.

  • Full-port, lead free, cast bronze construction with stainless steel ball
  • Valve physical attributes: 12” long x 4 3/4” deep x 9 1/2” high; 11.5 lbs.
  • Can be installed in any orientation in both indoor and outdoor environments
  • Features an integrated manual override
  • Equipped with 1” threaded union fittings on both ends of the valve.
  • Compatible with all domestic water pipe systems
  • Capable of detecting water flow at 1/2 ounce (15 ml) per minute
  • When AC power is interrupted, System Battery provides power
  • When AC power is restored, the Power Supply will recharge the System Battery
  • Control Panel has backlit LCD display and soft-touch silicone keypad
  • Included communication cable provides for 50 feet between valve and control panel.
  • 15' standard power cable, 50' standard communication cable. Longer cables are available if needed
  • Less than 3.5 pressure drop at 30 GPM. Less than 5 PSI pressure drop at 50 GPM .
  • Maximum designed working pressure is 100 PSI
  • UL-listed Class II power supply
  • Three year warranty on all components