Floodmaster Automatic Leak Detection Alarm & Water Main Shut-Off System

Floodmaster Automatic Leak Detection Alarm & Water Main Shut-Off System

Item#: RS080
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The FloodMaster RS-080 Series of Total Water Main Shut-Off and Alarm is designed for localized leak detection (one room, one floor, etc.). When a leak is detected, the unit will automatically shut off the water main supply line. Specific model selection is based on the valve size required to interface to the designated water main pipe.

The RS-080 series is designed for the complete shutoff of water to the entire building or facility plumbing section. When the sensor puck comes in contact with water, the system will automatically shut down the water feed line and sound an audible alarm, thus avoiding extensive water damage. FloodMaster units are easy to install and require no electrical wiring. An optional dry contact output to a home security panel, control room or appropriate relay is also standard on all units.

  • Rigid and reliable automatic valves
  • Multiple sensor pucks can be added to a single alarm system
  • Multiple valve sizes available
  • Audible alarm
  • Easy installation – no electrical wiring required
  • Easy reset
  • Valves meet ANSI 61 / Annex G potable water standard
  • Unit can interface with a home security alarm system, control room or appropriate relay

Standard Valve Sizes


  • Transformer, 120 VAC, with standard wall outlet plug

Cable Lengths

  • Power cord: 12 feet
  • Sensor cord: 8 feet standard