Animal Chaser for Dogs, Cats and Raccoon

P3 Animal Chaser

Item#: P7805
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The Animal Chaser keeps unwelcome guests from your property. When an animal enters the large area covered by the infrared sensor, the Animal Chaser produces a sound that is very unpleasant to cats, dogs, and even racoons but inaudible to the human ear. The unit switches off automatically when the animal has left the area for extended battery life.

    • Easy to install
    • Weather resistant
    • Battery powered
    • Built in test button and LED indicator
    • Patented design


    Model: P7805
    PIR Area Covered: up to 295 sq. feet
    Audio Frequency: 18kHz to 24kHz., up to 90dB
    Power Supply: 6x AA batteries
    or 9VDC Adapter (not included)
    Weight: 4.6 oz.
    Dimensions: 3 1/4″ x 5 /12″ x 2″ (HxWxD