Vacation Home Monitoring Tutorial

Your vacation property is a valuable investment that should not be left un-monitored while you are gone! We are your vacation home monitoring experts! We have many different products that can monitor and protect your property while you are away. Whether you have a cabin, a townhouse, condo, or traditional house that is not occupied year-round, we have the products and expertise to help you install your own inexpensive environmental and security monitoring system.

No Landline? No Problem!

If you do not have a landline, you can add one of these cellular terminals to any of our Freeze Alarms or un-monitored Security Systems:

Cellular Carrier Compatibility

GSM AT&T/Cingular
CDMA Sprint
Verizon Wireless
US Cellular
Midwest Wireless
Other Nextel/Tracfone
Any phone w/Bluetooth
*Battery Backup sold separately

Temperature and Power Monitoring

If Temperature and/or Power Failure are your main concerns, you will want to choose from our comprehensive selection of Freeze Alarms.

  • Freeze Alarm Comparison Chart 

  • Click above to view a comparison chart of all freeze alarms.

  • Featured Product: Sensaphone 400 
  • This is an advanced yet easy-to-use system that allows you to set your own temperature alarm points, reads you the exact temperature over the phone during an alarm or at any time that you call in, and can accept additional wired temperature or environmental (flood, humidity, smoke, intrusion, etc.) sensors.  You can even add a remote setback thermostat to the Sensaphone.

    Remote Thermostat Control

    Remote thermostat control is great for vacation homes.  Imagine arriving at a toasty-warm ski cabin or a blissfully-cool summer home.

  • Remote Thermostat Control Comparison Chart 

  • Click above to view a comparison chart of all of our remote control thermostat equipment.

  • Featured Product: BayWeb Internet Thermostat 
  • The BayWeb thermostat will allow you to remotely control temperature over the internet, giving you the ability to change the temperature to any degree point (between 35 and 90 degrees F) at any time.  You can also log on to check room temperature at each thermostat at any time, as well as receive alerts by email or text message indicating that the temperature in the house has gone out of bounds.  You can even add wireless motion sensors for occupancy-based control, or security monitoring.  The unit also has one wired input for other sensors, such as water detectors.  The BayWeb also offers a keypad lock option and a limiting option that allows you to determine your own minimum and maximum temperature that is allowed by the keypad.

    Water Damage Control

    With a vacation property, it's often not enough to simply be alerted of water damage.  It's much better to stop it!

  • Featured Product: FloodStop Automatic Shutoff Valves
  • FloodStop Automatic Shutoff Valves utilize water sensors to trigger the closing of a motorized ball valve upon a leak.  This product not only stops the flood, it can alert you through an autodialer as well.  


    Burglars know that vacation home communities are frequently vacant and often do not have a security system.  Prove them wrong and install your own burglar alarm system that will sound a piercing siren as well as call multiple phone numbers of your choice upon intrusion.

  • Featured Product: WisDom Wireless Security System
  • This is a professional security system that you really can install yourself.  Our custom DIYControls Easy Setup Guide and our phenomenal technical support will help you to secure your valuable investment with no monthly monitoring fees!

    Video Surveillance

  • DIY Video Surveillance Tutorial