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Power Outage Alerts

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Refrigerator/Freezer Power Outage Alert Set
The Refrigerator/Freezer Power Outage Alert consists of the Dakota Alert 4000 Universal Transmitter, DCR-4000 Duty Cycle Receiver, and a PLS-110VAC 120VAC Power Loss/Outage Sensor. Upon loss of power, the transmitter sends a signal to your receiver up to 1 mile away.

The Dakota Alert 4000 Series receiver is capable of receiving a wireless signal from any of the Dakota Alert 4000 series wireless driveway alarm systems or sensors. It can accept up to 16 wireless 4000 series transmitters and offers a selection of 12 different tunes allowing the user to know which sensor has been triggered. The DCR4000 has a wireless range of up to 1 mile or 4000 feet*, meaning you can reach virtually any part of your property without the need for signal repeaters. Add an extra receiver(s) to your Dakota Alert 4000 series to enable notifications in different rooms, offices, the garage, shed or barn.

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FreezeAlarm Dialer Pro (FA-800E)
This product is a direct replacement for the Intermediate FreezeAlarm FA-I-CCA. The FreezeAlarm Dialer Pro automatically calls up to three phone numbers using a landline phone connection when the temperature either rises above or falls below a customer-determined temperature set-point.
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Items 1 - 2 of 2