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Water Alarms

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La Crosse Alerts Online Water Leak Detector with Temp./ Humidity System
Did you know that on average, frozen pipes that crack and burst damage a quarter million properties each year? Water heaters with a slow leak or a sudden burst can also cause extensive damage; the worst, most costly damage occurring in unoccupied homes. The best defense against water damage to your home, business or vacation rentals is the La Crosse Alerts Water Detector with wireless alerts to notify you of a water leak before it has time to cause extensive damage.
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Winland EnviroAlert EA800-ip Network IP Critical Condition Monitoring
Monitor environmental conditions over the Internet with the Winland EnviroAlert EA800-ip Monitoring Console, 8 Zones. This advanced IP critical conditioning monitoring system supports up to eight sensors (sold separately) and allows remote access through a fee based online portal, providing a convenient way to view real-time data and history, and adjust your settings accordingly.
Availability:In Stock. Order by 2pm EST for same-business-day shipping.

Items 1 - 2 of 2