Sensaphone 1800 Autodialer (FGD-1800)

Sensaphone 1800 Autodialer (FGD-1800)

Item#: FGD-1800
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The Sensaphone Model 1800 is the perfect solution for your 8-channel remote monitoring needs. It combines all the feature of the popular Sensaphone 1100 desktop series, but adds significant enhancements that expand your monitoring and notification capabilities. These include custom voice message programming, rechargeable battery backup, extended battery backup, and extended temperature sensing. The 1800 is packaged in a sealed, lockable NEMA-4X enclosure to withstand harsher environments. Please see the detailed features described below.

  • Monitor up to 8 conditions (temperature, dry contact, or 4-20mA),
    plus power failure and sound level
  • Notify up to 8 people with CUSTOM VOICE phone calls
  • Review alarm history and who acknowledged the alarm event
  • Output relay
  • Rechargeable battery backup
  • NEMA-4X enclosure
(Also available in a 4-channel version, the Sensaphone 1400.)

ARRA Compliant.  Contact us for details.

Input Zones:

  • Eight universal inputs that support Normally Open, Normally Closed, and 4-20 mA transducers, or temperature sensors
  • Automatic input type configuration
  • Scalable range for analog zones
  • Programmable recognition times
  • Internal calibration

Output Relays:

  • One universal output relay. Manual or automatic alarm response switching

Remote Access:

  • Call in with any Touch-Tone phone to check the status of all monitored conditions
  • Make programming changes remotely from any Touch-Tone phone

Alarm Notification:

  • Up to eight destinations can be contacted for alarms
  • Makes voice phone calls with customized messages for easy identification
  • Built-in alarm test function to simulate and test the notification process
  • Individual user codes to track who responded to each alarm

Local Access:

  • Keypad and speaker for local programming
  • Easy voice-prompted programming
  • Password-protected to restrict remote programming access
  • Recent alarm history playback


  • Internal microphone for custom voice message recording
  • Optional external microphone for monitoring high sound alarms
  • External microphone can also be used for remote listen-in feature

Power Supply:

  • Comes with plug-in power supply
  • Battery backup included
  • Automatically monitors for power failure alarms


  • Includes telephone line seizure feature
  • NEMA-4 Enclosure
  • Superior internal lightning protection
  • Two-year warranty