Venstar Thermostat: T1700 Slimline (Residential)

Venstar Thermostat: T1700 Slimline (Residential)

Item#: T1700
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Note: Common wire required. If common wire not available see here for solution.

Save energy by running your heater and air conditioning only when you're at home. The 1-Day Programmable Digital Thermostat allows you to program the heater to turn on half an hour before you normally arrive home or run the air conditioning only when necessary to keep the pets cool while you're at work. Compatible with both heat/cool and heat pump systems, the 1-Day Programmable Digital Thermostat will control up to two heat stages as well as one cool stage.

Need help determining which model you need? Just email us a picture of the backplate of your existing thermostat (with wires still connected if possible), and our tech team will be happy to help determine what you need. Send pictures to

  • 1-Day Programmable with up to 4 time periods
  • Auto changeover, 2-stage heat, 1-stage cool for use with gas/electric, heat pump, electric & hydronic heat
  • Configurable for manual changeover, also configurable programmable or non-programmable
  • Display shows both heating an cooling setpoints and room temperature simultaneously
  • All programming and setpoints stored in non-volatile memory, and are never lost in power failure (date and time are not saved)
  • Service UV lamp indicators
  • Red/Green LED shows whether thermostat is calling for heating or cooling
  • 5-minute compressor time guard and adjustable cycle limit, both defeatable for servicing equipment
  • Outdoor sensor ready (wired or wireless)
  • Thermoglow backlit electro-luminous display and backlit color coded keys and legends
  • Accepts accessory IR Remote Control system (ACC0431)**
  • Accepts accessory EZ Programmer (ACC0432)
  • For accessory locking cover use (ACC0620)
  • Control range is 35 to 99 deg. F.
  • Approximate dimensions: 4.75" x 4.5"

**Venstar Thermostat IR Control and Receiver (ACC0431) can be used with this thermostat to allow for local handheld control when Comfort Call is not in use.


If you need assistance figuring out how many wires you'll need, email us at, with a description of your HVAC system and a picture of your current thermostat wiring connections if possible. Please note that in rare cases, a manufacturer may use proprietary controls that may not be compatible with this thermostat.

No information available at this time. Feel free to contact us for further information.

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